Peace Through Commerce Fellowship Program

We excitedly announce the launch of our 2017 - 2018 Fellowship Program. Through the support of a generous donor, the 12 month PTC Fellowship program will assist female-owned businesses with at least one Palestinian or Arab Israeli co-collaborator to increase their bottom line and regional impact. We at PTC believe that neighbors who trade together wage peace together. Our donor’s mission is to demonstrate that Arabic and Jewish people can collaborate in harmony.

Fellows are business owners whose impact is peace-building and are beneficial to the greater community by creating jobs and spreading prosperity. Through mentorship, training, marketing support, personal development courses, and financial assistance, the program will increase regional prosperity, cultural understanding, and regional peace.

Who Can Enter

  1. Palestinian or Arab-Israeli owned businesses
  2. Israeli businesses with at least one Palestinian/Arab-Israeli co-collaborator
  3. Businesses who align with our mission and vision

Application submissions open in April with the cohort of Fellows to be announced in May.

Applicants are invited to submit their information here.  Feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing us here.

Extra credit — the following are elements we would love to see in our applicants, but aren’t mandatory to the selection process.

  • Explain how your company benefits your larger community
  • What positive impact do your products or services have on the people, neighborhoods, or regions near you?
  • How could/do you involve businesses or partners from other cultures in your offerings?
    • How could working successfully with other cultures raise both parties' commitment to peace?

The Fellowship Program

Upon acceptance to the program, the PTC team will help to analyze the company needs and design a mentorship and support program. During the 12 months, we will request progress updates, conduct quarterly reviews, and continue to tailor support to the changing needs of the business.

Metric tracking will be customized to each enterprise; examples include:

  • Receipts for inventory purchases
  • Proof of pay to new employees
  • Marketing documents/materials created
  • New online presences

At program’s end, we will be looking for measurable success in:

  • Percent growth in profits
  • Number of new hires
  • Growth of market reach (new regions and online markets tapped)
  • Increase in the Fellow’s quality of life


We are thrilled to provide this Fellowship to serve emergent entrepreneurs and further PTC’s vision of a world of evolving consciousness, prosperity, and peace for all. Please get in touch with us with any questions and feel free to share this opportunity with your network.

PTC is a neutral, non-political organization and does not endorse a one-, two-state, or relocation solution in any way.

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Peace Through Commerce

Vision: A world of evolving consciousness, prosperity, and peace for all.

Mission: PTC’s method of peace-building brings together unites civil society, governments, and businesses — large and small — as collaborators. We co-create, teach, and facilitate solutions that emphasize voluntary action, growth, healing, and the transformation of inner and outer conflict as paths to peace.

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