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    A world of evolving consciousness, prosperity and peace for all.

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    PTC creates, teaches and facilitates solutions to complex challenges that raise consciousness, advancing prosperity and peace.

Our Mission

PTC creates, teaches and facilitates solutions to complex challenges that raise consciousness, advancing prosperity and peace.

Who We Are

Peace Through Commerce ® (PTC) is a nonprofit organization with a unique method of peacebuilding that unites civil society, government and business — large and small — as collaborators. Our organization seeks to solve complex global issues such as conflict, poverty and inequality by identifying and focusing on the core values and subsystems that make up a community, using our cross-sector technology, the Matrix of Peace™ Systems Model (MOP).

The MOP is designed to actualize peaceful and prosperous communities  by identifying the core values and consciousness systems needed for peacebuilding. Secondly, the MOP highlights the best practices within and among the three key subsystems of any society: commerce (businesses), civil society (churches, nonprofits), and law (the legal framework of the community). These subsystems, all imbued with the core values of any society, all work together to co-produce peace. In other words, sustainable peace is a byproduct of a society whose commercial, civil society and legal subsystems co-operate interdependently and draw upon shared, peace-optimizing values.

How We Work To Design Sustainable Peace


    We bring together leaders, organizations, businesses and ideas to catalyze new, multi-sector approaches to accelerate peace-building.


    We collaborate with partners in peace-building and work with clients from different sectors to create context-specific solutions for advancing peace and prosperity.


    We incubate innovative projects and organizations that help extend our mission through engagement with MOP-related ideas and thinking.

PTC Engages

  • PTC at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum

    PTC premiered its peace-building model at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and explored how to amplify the work of Honored Laureate, Kailash Satiyarthi and his work to end child trafficking.

  • Welcoming Stephen Portner as our new CEO

    PTC is proud to announce that Stephen Portner has joined our team as our CEO. Learn more about the talents, skills and expertise Steve brings here.

  • Building Peace through Business

    PTC’s Fellowship Program brings together women in the Middle East to showcase how entrepreneurship can transform conflict into healing and prosperity.


Supporters of PTC’s mission to spread peace and prosperity

  • I believe business leaders can liberate the extraordinary power of business and commerce to create a world in which all people live lives full of purpose, love, and creativity- a world of compassion, freedom, and prosperity. I endorse Peace Through Commerce because it is dedicated to teaching the principles that animate how commerce, consciousness, and law can work inter-dependently to achieve sustainable peace. I wholeheartedly endorse PTC and encourage others to give PTC their support.

    John Mackey, Co-CEO and Co-Founder

    Whole Foods Market

  • I am deeply inspired by the wonderful work being done by the deeply committed

    and visionary leaders of Peace Through Commerce

    Raj Sisodiya, FW Olin Distinguished Professor

    Global Business, Babson College

  • We couldn’t have been better supported by Peace Through Commerce’s creative and strategic team and the

    ground breaking ideas they advance through the Matrix of Peace Systems Model.

    Gina Torry, Executive Director

    2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum