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  • Our Vision

    A world of evolving consciousness, prosperity and peace for all.

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  • Our Mission

    We advance prosperity and peace by creating, teaching and facilitating solutions to complex challenges that raise consciousness.

Welcome to Peace Through Commerce

Advancing prosperity and peace by creating, teaching, and facilitating solutions to complex challenges that raise consciousness.

Who We Are

Peace Through Commerce is a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Our technology is called the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model–-a robust, multi-sector, living systems and consciousness model for designing and actualizing societies to operate as ecosystems of sustainable peace.

Our Technology and Value-Add to the World

The Model fosters breakthrough thinking which moves people from legacy-thinking, single-issue solutions to well-designed, coordinated, multi-sector solutions that focus on all levels of a problem-values, causes, and effects–to achieve an ecosystem of sustainable peace.  For example, the Model leads people to view problems like poverty, war, inequality, and climate change from the viewpoints of human consciousness and  multi-sector best practices viewpoints.  Human consciousness work focuses on values, beliefs and world views.  Best practices work focuses on existing practices in public, private, and civil society sectors and compares them to best practices for co-creating justice, prosperity, and sustainability to achieve an ecosystem of sustainable peace.

The bringing together of historically siloed and sometimes hostile sectors while honoring the consciousness forces at work within them is the creative gift of Peace Through Commerce and its Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model.

In short, Peace Through Commerce is  a dedicated team of  peacebuilders in the “mind-changing” business.

PTC Engages

How We Work in the World 


    We bring together leaders, organizations, businesses and ideas to catalyze new, multi-sector approaches to accelerate peacebuilding.


    We collaborate with partners in peace-building and work with clients from different sectors to create context-specific solutions for advancing peace and prosperity.


    In Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs (“AWE”) program, we honor women entrepreneurs as key change-makers to bringing whole systems peacebuilding to life.    Visit our honored Shakti Leadership Incubator and AWE Fellowship pages!


Supporters of PTC’s mission to spread peace and prosperity

  • I believe business leaders can liberate the extraordinary power of business and commerce to create a world in which all people live lives full of purpose, love, and creativity- a world of compassion, freedom, and prosperity. I endorse Peace Through Commerce because it is dedicated to teaching the principles that animate how commerce, consciousness, and law can work inter-dependently to achieve sustainable peace. I wholeheartedly endorse PTC and encourage others to give PTC their support.

    John Mackey, Co-CEO and Co-Founder

    Whole Foods Market

  • I am deeply inspired by the wonderful work being done by the deeply committed and visionary leaders of Peace Through Commerce.

    Raj Sisodia, FW Olin Distinguished Professor

    Global Business, Babson College

  • We couldn’t have been better supported by Peace Through Commerce’s creative and strategic team and the

    ground breaking ideas they advance through the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model.

    Gina Torry, Executive Director

    2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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