Fall 2019 Shakti Fellowship

Scholarship Available – Apply by 31 May

Scholarship Available – Apply by 31 May | Fall 2019 Shakti Fellowship
The Shakti Fellowship jointly certified with University of San Diego’s
Conscious Leadership Academy; Incubated by Peace Through Commerce
 “Women are critical to economy, ecology, technology and the peace process” – Nilima Bhat
Inviting applications for the Fall 2019 Shakti Fellowship, an advanced leadership program for women change agents and social innovators.
Program Dates: Sep 2019 – May 2020
Scholarship application ends May 31st, 2019
Registration ends July 1st, 2019
Unlocking the Source for True Leadership
Something is out of sync with the example of leadership today. Feminine energy in leadership is largely absent from our professional lives, but introducing it could help companies become more balanced and integrated.When women lead differently, something BIG happens.If you are concerned that too many leaders, men and women alike, are buying into a notion of leadership that exclusively emphasizes traditionally ‘masculine’ qualities, win-at-all-costs and yearn for leadership that is balanced; this course is for you.Like no other, this course reveals an archetype that is generative, cooperative, creative, inclusive, and empathic. While traditionally regarded as feminine qualities we all have them! In the Indian yogic tradition, they are symbolic of Shakti, the energy source that powers all life.By enrolling you will learn how to access this infinite energy and to lead from your full power by becoming psychologically whole.

What Participants Are Saying 
“Shakti Leadership suggests that an effective leader needs to learn to move effortlessly between four poles in order to be whole: Masculine (hierarchy, accountability) and Feminine (collaboration, harmony); and Parent (wisdom, responsibility) and Child (joy, playfulness) or as Nilima says we become the Wise Fool of Tough Love. This is coupled with the idea that we are all one people and so peace is our higher purpose. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have been a part of this journey in partnership with talented, dedicated women who have made this program an important leadership tool for conscious capitalists everywhere. The insights and lessons continue to unfold and I whole-heartedly encourage others to attend.” 
~ Susan Niederhoffer, former Conscious Capitalism Board Member 

“The Shakti Leadership experience is truly an emergent experience for anyone that wants to lead from within. There is only so much you can do while leading in your company but when you embody these principles with women from all over the world, this is when you really get into your soul. As leaders in the world today you have to understand what global leadership really means.”
 ~ Betsy Sobiech, Managing Partner, Tiara International 

“Shakti Leadership lends a different voice to the traditional masculine version of leadership. By going deeper, practicing presence with congruence, I was able to ‘step up and out’ to generate a new project aligned to my higher purpose!” 
~ Michelle A. Waters, Board Member, Author, Consultant, Coach

What Our Faculty Guide You Through
STEP IN to leadership through the work of inner transformation and self-mastery to mature into the Five Elements of Shakti Leadership.
STEP UP to learn advanced leadership skills, based on proven techniques and strategies tested in the most successful companies in the world.
STEP OUT by incubating and launching a game-changing Shakti-project while being mentored by faculty and entrepreneurs that drives change, innovates, fosters peace, prosperity and beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital; with a global cohort.
 Our Visionary Faculty
Nilima Bhat & Raj Sisodia Ph.D, Coauthors, Shakti Leadership – Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business, leading the Step In track Betsy Sobiech & Andrea Henning, Managing Partners, Tiara International, leading the Step Up track Lisa Schenk Ph.D & Kimberli Hudson, experts in Intra/Entrepreneurship, leading the Step Out track Philomena (Phyllis) Blees, aligning our Shakti-projects with the Matrix of Peace Systems Model for Peace-building
Cost of the 9-Month Program
US$6000 Individual
US$8000 Corporate (includes Executive coaching)
Scholarship of up to US$2000 available if applied for by May 31st, 2019
The program is ‘online’ with fortnightly classes and one 8-day residential program at University of San Diego, California, USA from 23-30 Sep 2019. The cost of travel and accommodation is not included. Optional pilgrimages to Croatia and Peru are available: LOOK HERE
Payment is made to the non-profit Peace Through Commerce, where additional tax deductible donations can be made.
Application Form HERE
CONTACT Call or Text: +1-816-519-6881 or +91-9833732880
E. nilima@shaktileadership.com
E. programmanager@shaktileadership.com 
Enrollment Form must be complete and excepted before payment – ENROLL TODAY

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