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Journey to Change

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum and Peace Through Commerce (Think Tech Global) Interview with Philomena Blees

ThinkTech Hawaii

Peace Through Commerce created a breakthrough systems model for designing peaceful societies.. Peace Through Commerce is title event partner with the Norwegian Nobel Institute to produce the 2017, 2018, 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo. The 2017 Forum featured Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu who received her prize for her work in indigenous people’s rights 25 years ago. Peace Through Commerce and Phyllis Blees provided the analysis of the issues using the Matrix of Peace Systems model, a tri-sector model which engages consciousness development theory and work.


Are you a peace builder? While your first instinct might be to say, “no, not me”, we challenge you to think about how much of a peace builder you already are in your everyday life.
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Peace Through Commerce in the World
PTC is a global, nonprofit, strategic organization committed to creating a world in which all people enjoy peace and prosperity. PTC fosters peace and prosperity through teaching about the Matrix of Peace. PTC gives special attention to women and girls in its Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs (“AWE”) program.

AWEsome Beyond Words
Jewish and Palestinian women of Beyond Words experiencing the Matrix of Peace in the AWE Program of Peace Through Commerce, Inc.

Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs Workshop Trailer

Israeli and Palestinian women in Israel and from the West Bank talk about healing the conflict and prepare for a workshop by AWE to learn how laws, commerce and consciousness foster sustainable peace.

AWE March 2013 Israeli-Palestinian Class Highlights

Highlights of class teaching Israeli and Palestinian women entrepreneurs in Israel and the West Bank the principles of the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model.

Peace Through Commerce brings women together in Israel, supported by the gift of Insights Discovery

Insights Learning and Development -Published on Oct 28, 2013

Joyce Beck and Felora Derakhshani are board members of a non-profit organisation called Peace Through Commerce. In this video they tell us how they used Insights Discovery to help the board work more effectively together and how it was used as part of their first project in Israel that tries to unite women through entrepreneurial spirit.

Journey to Change from Peace Through Commerce on Vimeo.

Nobel lecture: Juan Manuel Santos, Nobel Laureate in Peace 2016

This is the video of Juan Manuel Santos’s powerful Nobel Peace Prize lecture. His innovative approach recognizes the victims of the conflict as key stakeholders in peacebuilding. It was very moving for us to be with him, his family, and some of the victims themselves during our time in Oslo.

Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo 2016 with Dr. Henry Kissinger and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

This is the Kissinger-Brzezinski debate that fostered so much reflection.

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