2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Augsburg University, showcasing the Matrix of Peace

Philomena Blees

Peace Through Commerce presented the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model of Society at the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum produced through the offices of Augsburg University and under the direction of Forum director, Gina Torry. President Philomena Blees introduced our proprietary Matrix of Peace Systems Model as a tool for understanding the root causes of human trafficking — the theme of the Forum.

We also worked behind the scenes with the Nobel team to bring CEOs from multinational companies to join the Forum’s featured Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi (2014), in high-level dialogues on the role of business in human trafficking — the issue that earned Mr. Satyarthi the peace prize for his work of the last 30 years. We are honored to have played such an integral role in the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and are reminded of how fortunate we are to be inspired by generous donors and advocates like you, who advance our mission with your philanthropy and your investments in PTC.

PTC delegates — Don Larson (CEO and co-founder of the Sunshine Nut Company, based in Mozambique), Louis D’Amore (founder of the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism), and PTC board members Michael Strong and Lara Ewing — joined in plenary sessions on leadership and compassion in business, talking and thinking together with politicians, civil servants, activists, and fellow businesspeople. Each let PTC know how strategic and resourceful the Matrix of Peace model is for framing the issues of trafficking.

More than one delegate said “I wish the Matrix of Peace Systems Model had been posted in all the discussion rooms , so we could know where we were in the problem, be aware of areas that needed more attention, and understand the intersections in such a complex global problem.”

A confidential Chatham House discussion provided an opportunity for the Peace Through Commerce invitees and board members to discuss how the business community can address supply chain issues in trafficking in an intimate environment with Mr. Satyarthi.

Peace Through Commerce team members: (l-r) Michael Strong, Brian McGinley, Philomena Blees, Eileen Portner, Nina Jo Muse, Terry McGeehan, Lara Ewing, Joyce Beck, Ken Beck, Steve Portner (not pictured Betsy Sanders, Erin Martin)

Our Peace Through Commerce daily workshop introduced Forum attendees to the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model of Society as a new way of asking questions about and seeking answers to the challenges of conflict and poverty. Our activities and group discussions highlighted the importance of bringing together a healthy market economy, economic freedom-friendly legal frameworks, and a civil society educated in the tenets of economic freedom and peace-optimizing values and practices, to achieve an ecosystem of societal peace.

The most frequent comment from delegates about our seminars? They wanted more time to discuss the ideas with us!

And indeed, the conversations that went on in the official Forum sessions, in the hallways, and still continued over lunches and into evenings prompted new insights and new connections in practically every hour.

Special thanks are due to 2016 NPPF Executive Director Gina Torry and her team, and to Augsburg College for initiating this amazing event. Thanks also go to Conscious Capitalism, Inc. for assisting our outreach to CEOs, and Richard Barrett for contributing Barrett Value Centre’s values research. Thanks also go to our dialogue session assistants Dr. Nina Jo Muse, Terry McGeehan, Betsy Sanders, Ken Beck, Michael Strong, Lara Ewing, Erin Martin, and Brian McGinley.

And most importantly, thank you to our supporters — you make it possible for us to share the message of Peace Through Commerce on the global stage.

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