Co-Founding Event Partner PTC at Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo 2018

See Analysis of Climate Change & Peace through the lens of the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model

Peace Through Commerce Systems Analysis Team
Left photo: CSO Michelle A. Waters , Al Gore, CEO Philomena Blees  Right photo: Kirsten Engvig, Philip Hellmich, Michelle A. Waters, Philomena Blees, Khotan Harmon, Mike Leatherwood, Linh Quach, Roger Zessin and Jimmy Carter (Coordinators Ginger Reid and Cheryl Veretto unavailable for photo)

Back from Oslo

Our team attended the Nobel Peace Prize Forum interviewing past — present laureates and panel members while participating in future peacebuilding collaborations.


PTC President & CEO Phyllis Blees speaking at the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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Read the full systems analysis and review here.

Al Gore at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2018 – How to solve the Climate Crisis?

Oslo the City – December 2018

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PTC Interview with Alexander Verbeek

Watch Alexander Verbeek, Policy Director, Environment & Development Resource Centre Brussels, environmentalist, diplomat, and former strategic policy
advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlight the 5 things we can all do NOW to reduce our carbon footprint.
Twitter: @alex_verbeek and @planetary_sec Instagram: AlexanderVerbeek

PTC Interview with Dr. Thina Margrethe Saltvedt

Watch Thina Margrethe Saltevdt, Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance Division, Nordea Bank the largest banking group in the Nordic region speak about capital risk, transparency and ways responsible banking can shift its mentality about climate change and its impact to invest in a sustainable and new future.

PTC Interview with Mawahib Al Shaibani

Watch Mawahibi Al Shaibani, Director of International Association of Human Values Iraq, speak about climate change, peace, and advancing women’s roles in society. Empowering women collectively and as individuals – creating stronger connections, sustainable peace, and strengthening families, communities and societies around the world.

PTC Systems Analysis Team Peacebuilding in Oslo

Each year Peace Through Commerce recruits individuals from a variety of sectors to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo and provide an analysis through interviews, discussions and writings. Follow us as we share and analyze the event here on our website, online via social media, and by joining our email list.

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Peace Through Commerce 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Analysis Team
(left to right) Kristin Engvig, Phillip Helmich, Michelle Waters, Philomena Blees, Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon, Mike Leatherwood,
Linh Quach, Roger Zessin, Jimmy Carter (Coordinators Ginger Reid and Cheryl Veretto unavailable for photo)

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PTC Interview with José Graziano da Silva

Watch José Graziano da Silva, Director of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) who for over 30 years has worked on food security, rural development and agriculture issues speak about climate change and its urgent impact on food production.

PTC interview with Don Shelby

Watch Don Shelby, an award-winning investigative journalist who has covered climate change for over 30 years discuss how media can improve its coverage of climate change.

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