Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs ®

Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs ®

The Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs' (AWE ®) Program supports women entrepreneurs by opening their minds to a new view of their role as peacebuilders by virtue of the fact that they are firstly entrepreneurs.  They learn about the core principles of peacebuilding through our Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model.  Through this lens, they see that business is key and core to any societal ecosystem of peace.  Peace Through Commerce has worked with women entrepreneurs in Israel and Palestine for 10 years--since 2009.  This on-the-ground work has encouraged the development of economic business partnerships across the conflict.  In 2017, we began a fellowship program for select women entrepeneurs in this area.   The AWE Fellowship Program provides financial and training support to recipients.

The goals for our collaboration with our AWE Fellows

  • Economic growth — that their businesses will create jobs and spread prosperity throughout their community
  • Leadership — that their businesses are peaceful, beneficial enterprises
  • Consciousness – that the Fellows experience personal growth, confidence and develop a greater sense of purpose for their businesses
  • Peacebuilding – that the Fellows promote peacebuilding in their local community through their role as business leaders

Evaluated results for each Fellowship

  • Tracking economic growth in each entrepreneur’s business, demonstrated through:
    • % of growth in profits
    • # of new employees hired
    • Growth of market reach
  • Growth in Fellow’s leadership, personal development and peacebuilding skills through:
    • Measurable increase in the Fellow’s quality of life and
    • Greater understanding of consciousness practices and personal and business purpose
    • Reach of Fellow’s impact and promotion of collaboration between cultural groups in their community

We are thrilled to provide this Fellowship to serve emergent entrepreneurs and further PTC’s vision of a world of evolving consciousness, prosperity, and peace for all. Please get in touch with us with any questions and share our work with your network.

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PTC is a neutral, non-political organization and does not endorse any political agenda of one side or another.

2017 - 2018  AWE Fellows

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