Our Vision

A world of evolving consciousness, prosperity and peace for all.

Our Mission

We advance prosperity and peace by creating, teaching and facilitating solutions to complex challenges that raise consciousness.

About Us

Peace Through Commerce® is a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Our technology–the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model– fosters breakthrough thinking which moves people from legacy-thinking, single-issue solutions that often focus only on effects, to well-designed, coordinated, multi-sector solutions that focus on all levels of the problem: values, causes, and effects.  In a word, PTC is in the “mind-changing” business.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

PTC believes women entrepreneurs are key change makers to bringing whole systems peacebuilding to life.  Our AWE program aims to support them in receiving personal consciousness work, training our peacebuilding technology–the Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model–and helping them expand their businesses, personal reach, and leadership.

The Power of Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs® (“AWE”®)

Our pilot program working with women entrepreneurs in Israel and the West Bank strengthened our conviction that ordinary people can make their own communities more peaceful and prosperous.

Networking & Education

PTC brings together business leaders, activists and policy makers at the highest levels of the private, civil society, and public sectors, and engages them in interactive workshops using breakthrough technology and postively disruptive thinking to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

The Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model™ is a positively disruptive, pioneering technology for designing peaceful and prosperous communities

The Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model (“MOP”) is a highly researched theoretical model, sourced from the work of generations of thought leaders from both the classical liberal tradition and the human potential movement.  It is the goal of Peace Through Commerce to bring these two forces–classical liberalism and the human potential movement–together to inform the public and peacebuilders of the values, beliefs, practices, and lessons learned that most optimally generate sustainable peace. The Model comes with a body of best practices, tools and data to aid the practitioner in using it.   The bringing together of historically separate and sometimes hostile sectors is the creative gift of Peace Through Commerce and its Matrix of Peace Whole Systems Model.

We have developed and showcased the MOP whole systems model with partners around the world such as the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo, Business For Peace, Conscious Capitalism, Inc., and women entrepreneurs in Israel and Palestine engaged in our Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs program.

Core Values

  • Cultivate human flourishing
  • Practice no-violence, non-coercion, radical tolerance
  • Promote freely-chosen, mutually beneficial solutions
  • Criticize by creating
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Ethical and voluntary action
  • Rule of Law
  • Sanctity of all life forms, including the planet
  • Justice and transparency
  • Economic freedom (as defined by Fraser Institute)

Who We Are

Peace Through Commerce is a strategic, global and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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