Peace Through Commerce® is a strategic, global and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity. In a word, PTC is in the “mind-changing” business. Our technology fosters breakthrough thinking which moves people from legacy-thinking, single-issue solution efforts that often focus only on effects, to well-designed, coordinated, multi-sector solutions that focus on all levels of the problem: values, causes, and effects.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

PTC believes in the power of commerce to create positive social change. Our pilot program working with women entrepreneurs in Israel and the West Bank strengthened our conviction that ordinary people can make their own communities more peaceful and prosperous.

Networking & Education

PTC brings together business leaders, activists and policy makers at the highest level and engages them in interactive workshops using breakthrough technology and new thinking to solve the world’s most challenging problems.


Our Vision

A more peaceful and prosperous world.

Our Mission

To teach the Matrix of Peace™ Whole Systems Model

The Matrix of Peace™ Whole Systems Model a positively disruptive, pioneering technology for designing peaceful and prosperous communities

The MOP is a highly researched and theoretical systems model. It illuminates the core values and consciousness ecosystem forces of community, and identifies the best practices for peacebuilding within and among the key subsystems of commerce, civil society, and law. It is also a visual teaching tool using a Venn diagram to illustrate how the systems combine to co-produce peace.

Finally, it is an assessment tool for mapping the dominant consciousness in each subsystem, and diagnosing and correcting imbalances among the subsystems when peace is disrupted.

We have developed and showcased the MOP framework with partners in Conscious Capitalism®, Barrett’s Value System, Spiral Dynamics™, and — most recently — the Nobel Peace Prize Forum focused on child trafficking.

Core Values

  • Cultivate human flourishing
  • Practice no-violence, non-coercion, radical tolerance
  • Promote freely-chosen, mutually beneficial solutions
  • Criticize by creating
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Ethical and voluntary action
  • Rule of Law
  • Sanctity of all life forms, including the planet
  • Justice and transparency
  • Economic freedom (as defined by Fraser Institute)

Who We Are

Peace Through Commerce is a strategic, global and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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