Fatina Al Anani ~ AWE® Fellowship

Peace Through Commerce Fellowship 2017-2018

~ Fatina Al Anani ~ Palestine Olive Oil Dana Soap

“ We all need hope.”

Fatina’s story as a Fellowship recipient is a true material manifestation of her life’s story – an interdependence of her government, civil society, and economic environments and her desire to continue a tradition that represents her land and people. Fatina’s time as a Fellow has been centered around her business but it also has shed light on her life and Palestinian realities.

“We are all mothers who are tired of seeing their sons go to war. We are all alike in that way.”

From essentially the year Fatina was born commerce in Palestine was radically altered and this shift has been a constant reality in her life. Read Fatina’s story in her own words here.

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We all need hope.

Fatina Anani PTC Fellowship
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Paths to Sustainability

The most important goal she stated is for her product to reach beyond her local markets to new markets. When the fellowship began, Fatina produced her various soap products and traveled to local festivals and markets around the West Bank as well as Amman, Jordan.

Fatina has become a Peacebuilder guided by our Matrix of Peace (MOP) peacebuilding systems model. We examine public, private and civil society sectors as well as the intersections of prosperity, sustainability, and justice…all through the lens of values and consciousness.

Measurable Progress/Gains

Through the help of PTC’s Fellowship Fatina has increased her production capacity. Fatina was able to create 500 pieces per month at home and she can now produce 3,500 pieces per month in her own shop.

Dana Soap increased production capacity allow her to attend more local events in the West Bank as well as reaching as far as Quatar. She can now focus on finding distributors and wholesalers and actually enter a larger market with her competition.

Another success resulting from the fellowship, Dana Soap is able to hire more employees on an as needed basis. 

She is a Peacebuilder and resource for her community as a female entrepreneur. She has tapped into the resources available to her: Peace Through Commerce, Together Beyond words, the United Nations Development Program, the International Trade Center, the Palestinian Women’s Business Forum and more.

Fatina is in the process of creating her online presence with a website with an e-commerce platform.


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~ PTC thanks Michael L. Klein for his generous contribution to the Fatina Anani, Dana Soap Fellowship.

Thank you to Fellowship Director, Joyce Beck and to Project Manager, Shanae Becker

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