Investors & Partners

Over the past decade, in addition to its program service revenue, Peace Through Commerce has sustained itself through the generosity of private donations and partnerships across nearly 400 donors and institutional partners, including, but not limited to the following:

Anonymous (Family Foundation and select individuals)
New Generation Power
Grant Family Foundation and Julian Grant
Conscious Capitalism
Templeton Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Foundation
Fetzer Institute
Kauffman Foundation
Fran and Larry Collmann
Free to Choose Network
George Washington University
Gerry Ohrstrom, Investor and Thought Leader
Goodwin Family Foundation
Partners For Democratic Change
Whole Planet Foundation
James Von Ehr, CEO Zyvex Labs and Chairman Zyvex Technologies
Business For Peace, Oslo, Norway
John Mackey, co-founder Whole Foods Market
Schwab Charitable Foundation
Rotary International
Kaplan Fund
Ken and Frayda Levy
Linda Fontaine
Max Borders, Voice & Exit
Michael Strong, Chief Visionary Officer Freedom Lights Our World, Inc., Radical Social Entrepreneurs, and Academy of Thought and Industry
Particle 41
Paula D’Arcy, Red Bird Foundation
Philomena Blees, CEO PTC
Ron Max Family
Joyce and Ken Beck, co-founders The Crossings, Austin, TX
RSF Social Finance Foundation
Sandy Schreiber
Sandy West and Bina Ramsdell
Stuart Bailey
Susan and Dave Harycki
Susan Niederhoffer, Investor
Nina Jo Muse, M.D. and Carol Mon Lee, Esq.
Teri Johnson-Sapp
Theresa and Dan Morman
Together Beyond Words
US Institute of Peace
Vance McMahan
Felora Derakshani
Vidar Jorgensen, President Grameen America
Joy Moves
World Bank, Doing Business Project




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