International Women’s Day

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DATE • 8 March 2018

GOAL • Meeting and getting to know the “other”

PARTNER • Lace Embroidery Org.

AUDIENCE • Druze women from Hurfeish, Arab and Jewish women from the Galilee

WHERE • Hurfeish – Druze village in the Galilee

WHO • 82 Attendees

“This is the year we stopped being silenced as women” said Maya Bolzman, a woman’s rights activist, at the event Together Beyond Words and the Hurfeifsh Lace Embroidery group held in the Druze village of Hurfeish on International Women’s Day. The event sponsored by Peace Through Commerce and the Sobell Foundation. Included a bazaar of Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs, a Playback Theatre performance as well as Listening and Dialogue Circles. Several women were moved to tears and empowered by the courageous stories shared by the Arab Druze and Jewish women who attended the event. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful products of the entrepreneurs who themselves exchanged information so they could collaborate in the future.

Together Beyond Words ~ Playback Theater

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