Oneness Event

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DATE • 10 October 2018

GOAL • To create and expand an energy of unity for a tolerant world, accepting and enabling the human beauty in its shades and colors

PARTNERS • A collaboration of 27 groups and organizations

AUDIENCE • Came from all over Israel, from all religions, from communities with different views, Women, Men, Adults and Youth

WHERE • Beit Gavriel (the house of Gabriel) on the Sea of Galilee

WHO • 240 Attendees

The Oneness Event was wonderful!  “Together Beyond Words” contribution was very big and appreciated. A school in an Arab town called Tamra sent some high school students and teachers to participate in the event – many of the students hardly spoke Hebrew. There were also Jews  in our performance who did not speak Arabic. All  the rest of the event was in Hebrew except for TBWs performance which was in both languages. We felt like real oneness. The setting was amazing and the stage space was outside right next to the Sea of Galilee in a place called Beit Gabriel (the house of Gabriel).

TBWs new concept will give the entrepreneurs a deeper understanding of peace building through business collaborations, will promote lasting friendships and will give the entrepreneurs and their partnerships the space they deserve to show what they have accomplished and the opportunity for large exposure  and extensive networking.

Recorded by a visiting teacher

“What touched me most was the energy of this performance both of the actresses and all of the of our students who were so involved and also me and the other teacher. All of us were looking and feeling awe because of how the actresses took our stories and immediately turned them into theatre. It was amazing!!   

 I am going to tell about this to our director because when we came here to this Unity Conference she told us: “You must go see the playback theater workshop.” So we came and were present and it was truly beyond words. I would like to ask our principle if we could collaborate with you in some way with our students. I believe it will create something incredible. Thank you so much and we hope you continue your work!!  ~  Rim from Tamra

Together Beyond Words ~ PlayBack Theater

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