Drama Therapy at Tel-Hai College

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DATE • 25 June 2018

GOAL • Supporting women’s leadership in Peacebuilding and Social Change

PARTNERS • Tel-Hai College in collaboration with the Department for Peace, Democracy and Multiculturalism Drama Therapy Department, and Women Wage Peace organization

AUDIENCE • Approximately 100 Arab and Jewish youth, parents, alumni and staff.

WHERE • Tel-Hai College – Close to the border of Syria and Lebanon

WHO • 70 Attendees


Our messaging was about the necessity to transform pain so it will not rule our thoughts, behaviors and actions. When we make peace with ourselves, we can go out with this call to our community and lead peace operations.

Speaker Miss Tufaha Saba, head of the Unit for Peace and Democracy, explained the difference between a charismatic, innate and unchangeable leadership, and the ability to become a leader who does a “leadership act.”

A leadership act is a “worthy” act that influences and benefits reality.

Such leader has a moral view, a desire for change and the ability to change.

It is a process that is learned and acquired (unlike the charismatic leader, who is perceived as static …), a process in which the personal development of the leadership women occurs, through  the course of their actions for change.

Another speaker was young student, a representative of the “Young Women’s Cell” of “Women Wage Peace” at Tel Hai College. She talked about the power we receive when we make the change ourselves.

Of course at the beginning of the event gave the women time to walk around the bazaar conducted, watch art, beauty products and buy.

In the Playback event, we asked them to share the deeds they do for peace, actions from a young age to the present. How do you want to see the future of all of us in Israel …

The actresses played the stories. Some were amusing, some touching and moving.

Then I divided them into five listening circles. There was another sharing of their experiences in working for a shared society … They really did not want to finish …!


Together Beyond Words ~ Playback Theater

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