PTC is thrilled to welcome Fred Krawchuk to the Board of Directors. Officially joining in April 2017, Fred has worked closely with our organization since attending the 2016 Voice and Exit Festival with PTC. Bringing his diverse 30-year background in government, business, and education to his current vocation in peace-building, Fred has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with PTC on refining our strategic goals for the next 18 months.

A former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer and intercollegiate athlete, Fred has led high-performing teams in over thirty different countries. After his military career, Fred consulted with RAND Corporation, and also began teaching leadership, negotiations, and strategy at IESE Business School in Spain. Additionally, Fred is an executive coach, writer, and the CEO of the Pathfinder Consulting Group.

Fred is an accomplished leader known for strategic planning and leading high-risk operations around the globe, to include peacekeeping in the Balkans, jungle operations in Latin America and Southeast Asia, and counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blending his military, diplomatic, and peak performance expertise, he writes about and guides senior executives on how to build consensus between stakeholders from all walks of life, align action, and generate pragmatic solutions to complex challenges. As you can imagine, Fred’s experiences and expertise make him an ideal leader and thinker for Peace Through Commerce.

Fred is particularly interested in PTC’s focus on consciousness. Having spent nineteen years doing mindfulness practice, Fred is passionate about guiding others on how to be resilient in challenging circumstances. He brings this wealth of knowledge to PTC and makes an outstanding contribution to help fulfill our mission. To read more about Fred’s background, visit our leadership page.