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    The year 2020 has burdened everyone in many ways. As we rebuild our lives and our new world we challenge you to become a peace-builder, and help bring peace to the world. There are many ways to give; by donation,…

  2. Truth and Reconciliation using the MATRIX – July 4th @ 2PM

    Truth and Reconciliation using the MATRIXJuly 4th @ 2PMThe world needs a new process to allow multiple voices to feel heard, problem solve and create solutions.Register Here

  3. Truth & Reconciliation Event July 4th & 5th, 2020

    Conscious Money: Reconciling The Unconscious Money Divide Time: 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time This free session with Michelle Waters is designed to help you understand the collective archetypal unconscious around money behavior and how this plays out in the world….

  4. Peace Building Through Art

    Peace builder, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur Laurie Marshall offering 1st time certification in “Peace Building Through Art: How to Facilitate Healing in Diverse Communities Using Creativity”. Part of the 100 days until International Day of Peace , you are invited to choose…

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