Posts by Phyllis Blees

  1. Peace Building Through Art

    Peace builder, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur Laurie Marshall offering 1st time certification in “Peace Building Through Art: How to Facilitate Healing in Diverse Communities Using Creativity”. Part of the 100 days until International Day of Peace , you are invited to choose…

  2. Debrief of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo

    So many of our friends and supporters have been asking us about the December 2016 Oslo Nobel Peace Prize (NPP) award ceremony and debate forum: Why was it so valuable for us to go? What did we do there? And…

  3. Austin Event: Palestinian and Israeli Women Envision Peace

    We want to share our enthusiasm for a unique upcoming event here in Austin, Texas. On Sunday, February 12th at 3pm, people from across Central Texas will gather at the AISD Performing Arts Center at Mueller to witness the power…

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