1. Elena Panaritis

    Elena Panaritis is an institutional economist, property rights expert, and social entrepreneur. In more than a decade as an economist at the World Bank, Ms. Panaritis spearheaded several institutional reforms including property rights reform in Peru that received International Best…

  2. Nina Jo Muse

  3. Elza Maalouf

    Elza Maalouf is an innovator who is defining the fractals of the new emergent story unfolding in the Arab and Muslim world. With a specialized focus on the millennial generation and the women’s movement, Elza taps into the Indigenous Intelligences…

  4. Nancy Lunney-Wheeler

    Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, MA, served for over 30 years as Director of Programs at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, where she organized some 15,000 courses taught by over 5000 teachers over the years. She continues to serve Esalen as Senior…

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